Strong is the New Skinny Blog Challenge!

Well here goes nothing.  I have decided to start my own blog on the journey through my body transformation. Strong is the New Skinny (SINS) has started a challenge to help all of their followers look better naked!  My main goal is to live a healthier lifestyle and to also look better naked!!!

Today I have also implemented a new way of eating, Paleo.  I read Robb Wolf The Paleo Solution the Original Human Diet (Which I highly recommend!) over the weekend. This book pinpoints all health concerns America faces to a tee!  I have eaten Paleo 80 % for the past month and feel better. Today I started eating strict Paleo for the next month.  I also started Crossfit last month and am completely hooked!!!!

Once I finish my challenge I will post my before and after pictures. I’m to chicken to post the before pictures right now! hahahaha=)

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